Saturday, January 30, 2010

a better-person project

I cant seem to remember exactly when was I decided to be a better person. I guess I made that decision everyday since I learned that crying wouldn't do much of a good. I promise myself everymorning to always be thankful, smile more, caring more, take care and appreciate myself more and..emptying my glass for that day's experience and wits. I cant render much of what im planning to do with this, the ideas scatter in my head and as much eagerness I have to put them in writting..I have kinda troubles to actually putting them once I see a blank spot...hmmh..blogging is not easy.
but anyway, Im sure it's everybody's intention to become their own version of "a better person" their terms, in their times, mine's now...Im also sure I can put them in words, a letter at a time if it must..
another lesson-learned thought:
I used to drag the heart so heavy to feel...
I used to crash the head so hard to think..
I used to squeze the tears so tight to drop..
I used to bond the unleash..
I used to force the free..
I used to want the unreach..
I used to beg the un-given..
and there I was...crushed...
and here I am...learning..and emerging..
Simply...just simply...
-kamar, 251209, 9:22PM-

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