Monday, March 15, 2010

It is What It is..

If you can decide who is your half, who would you pick of all the Maha has or is giving you along the way..? Is he or she that lies beside you now? or the one that passed you through as an episode in your duration of love? or a stranger you meet today and interact with for a short period of time but left a sheer comfortable feeling that makes you smile and dream about? or a creation of your imaginative hope that makes you wonder and desire and excited and wait..? Or do you really want to decide at all?

I once trembled by a person that I decided to be my half..but then not, he's been given his half long time ago..he found it in us by himself just when we..are not allowed to decide..
mana yang lebih menggetarkan?
saraf yang disapu gelombang..atau hati yang diserang ombak..
mana yang seharusnya bekerja?
otak yang sedang rusak..atau hati yang sedang sakit..
mana yang seharusnya bertahan?
jantung yang berdetak lebih cepat..atau otak yang berputar lebih kencang..
gemetar setiap pori jiwa karena dzat yang terhenti hanya sementara
keras bertahan erat hati jiwa agar tidak bergucang dan terlempar..
Mana yang seharusnya?
-091008, amazing GH-

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