Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gara-gara T.. (For Him Who 2010, and counting) this 'all-out' character sometimes brings cursed to my life..
He's a friend, he clearly stated that, he's fully entitle to do that, he's sometimes such a jerk for doing that and things contrary at the same time..
I understand totally now, I accept the fact that for this one...Life only gives me the amusement, and for me the test my inner-masochism endurance :p
I love him enough to let him as it is...luckily I've reached that level before :) .. this one I wrote in the transition order to understand..

Sungguh...sedih melahirkan kata..
Sedihku samar..tapi tak perlu dirasa untuk berasa
Bahagiaku nanar...kau perlu benar melihat agar terlihat
Senyumku datar...kau harus teliti agar megerti
Ceritaku berlatar...kau akan suka jka kau terbuka
Sayang ujungnya terluka...semoga tidak bersimpul duka

-dasar bule gila, 181010-

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