Thursday, March 29, 2012


I remembered wrote this one in the morning...undated morning :)

Dear life, I guess I have to accept the fact that you are mine, you're not so great...or so cool, but you're mine. I guess it's up to me to do YOU, to make you great..or cool..or ruin, but then again you know what? I'm glad I have U!

Dear time, I wish to play with you, you're unstopable and you're keep moving forward, I want you to stop and move backward...if I can. People wait for you because you are a start and an end, but never really end...

Dear sky, you have one of the most beautiful colors in the world, you have so many beautiful and amazing things to see, but I have one favorite thing to see that only you have is called a Star..

Dear cupid, next time you want to put your arrow in a heart, make sure it's in the right time and position, don't do like you did to me, it hurts because you put it for the wrong guy,and you put it too deep, now please take it out.. Please..

Dear happy and sorrow, you guys really like to play around me dont't you? Well guess what? i'm tired happy,,you hit me at one time but struck me at another. You guys keep doing that, dont you get tired? Stop playing for a while, will ya?

Dear heart, i'm sorry you have to get hurt for something you didn't do, I'm sorry you have to get hurt for something precious you did, loving...I know you confused and asking why everytime you 're loving you get hurt, I'm sorry..

Dear mood, well you still got me in control,and you're getting stronger,it's ok...I trust you know as my intuition too, but you keep getting down lately...what's up? Please get better...i'm tired to see my self now...

A very simple and naive me.. :)

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